Our School

Students study in a one room classroom with individual workstations. This classroom may have students from the 3rd grade up to the 8th grade. We do not "teach" in the traditional sense from the front of the classroom, but have the teachers and aids helping students as they read and research their individual packets for answers. Most students excel in this system.


A brief overview, there are 12 PACES per course with a test at the end of each PACE. The 12 tests are averaged for the final grade. Each PACE contains 3 check-ups and ends with a self-test. These "checks" demonstrate understanding and learning, and alerts the Supervisor when a student is struggling and needs more attention and help. All check-ups and self-tests must be corrected to 100% accuracy before the student is permitted to take the test. If you would like a better understanding of ACE's PACE system and to see a sample, visit www.aceministries.com. On the home-page select the presentation video then select the 4th Edition button. There you can read about PACES and electronically leaf through some sample paces and get understanding about the PACES and how they work.