Reactive Attachment Disorder....a life threatening disease??

Reactive Attachment Disorder.

It’s more than just a disorder….it can be a life threatening disease for those who have RAD. Reactive attachment disorder can come in two different forms!

It is inhibited and disinhibited. Inhibited RADs are children who are withdrawn and emotionally unresponsive. Disinhibited RAD are children who find it difficult to form deep and meaningful connections with others, especially their parents! Children with RADs may seem distant from family and unable to or fail to show emotions when interacting with others. Children with RADs oftentimes appear to have no conscience. They may show no guilt or remorse….or worse yet, regret! Parents and/or professionals dealing with RADs oftentimes find themselves stumped on what exactly is the correct approach in attempting to help a child with RADs. What type of therapy is the best approach? What if therapy doesn’t work? Then what!!! RTC? Disrupted Adoption? Juvenile Hall?

For some, there may seem to be little to no hope for children (and adults) with RADs. Caregivers of RADs become exhausted and worn down from the effects of RADs. Most spend years trying to find a “cure” for RADs with no avail!

With no hope in sight and no prospect of a brighter future, RADs becomes a cancer with no cure. A deadly disease that not only affects the patient, but the caregiver too.

“I just want this out of my house and out of my life!” “If I had known of the sacrifices my family would have to make, I would have never adopted a child” “ I live every day wondering if my child will hurt me or the rest of the family” “All my friends just don’t get it! They don’t see what we are talking about or what we have to deal with! He has charmed everyone of them and they all think we are unfair and crazy parents!”

I have personally heard this and many more statements like this from parents dealing with RADs.

Hi, my name is Romica Samuel Christian, but I go by Sam! I am 28 years old, and I am a survivor of Reactive Attachment Disorder. Adopted from a Romanian orphanage at the age of 4, I not only know about RADs, I GET RADs. Adopted into a family of 21, experiencing emotional, phycological, verbal, physical and sexual trauma, and being trapped inside a mind of fear, insecurity and anxiety, I learned how to overcome RADs in my life!

This blog was created to share hope to those in care of someone with RADs or you….dealing with RADs in your own life!

My story is a story of hope and healing. The victories I’ve won and the mountains I’ve climbed in dealing with this deadly disease. It is no easy journey for anyone in the trenches of RADs.

As a caregiver now to boys with RADs in a therapeutic boarding school for 7 years, I share in both sides of the journey….the patient and the caregiver.

Each week, I will share my personal journey with RADs. What I have experienced and the lessons it taught me.

Please find this an encouragement and blessing for you, the reader.

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